[ chah-vez shah-, shuh-vez; Spanish chah-ves ]


  1. Car·los [kahr, -lohs, kahr, -laws], 1899–1978, Mexican composer and conductor.
  2. Ce·sar (Es·tra·da) [see, -zer e-, strah, -d, uh, se, -sah, r, es-, trah, -, th, ah], 1927–93, U.S. labor leader: organizer of migrant farmworkers.

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Example Sentences

Chavez works side jobs in her field on the weekends just so she can earn as much as her male colleagues, who are off on Fridays and get to rest over the weekend.

Now that she’s a mom of two, Chavez already sees a change — not just in the numbers on her paycheck, but also in the way employers talk about her, suggesting part-time jobs or tracks with fewer advancement opportunities so she can focus on the kids.

“She feels sad, depressed, abandoned,” said Chavez, who works and said she has tried unsuccessfully to get a position online so that she could be with her children each day.

As for the ultramarathons, Chavez says she does not regard them as part of her heritage.

He said if the race weren’t so critical, he would’ve voted for Chavez, but ultimately decided on Sanchez.

Perhaps the greatest irony remains that civil rights titan Caesar Chavez was a lifelong opponent of illegal immigration.

Chavez admits they were drunk, “but DEFINITELY not out looking for trouble.”

Chavez had posted status updates about his recovery, alongside images of friends and the Insane Clown Posse.

He started working at age 11 in the onion fields of Colorado, rising to become an organizer with Caesar Chavez.

Chavez finally switched parties on April 28, and is one of six Democrats running for the open seat.

That was another no-no -- phones are muy prohibido at Chavez High -- but why should that stop me?

When the guns were pointed in their direction, the Chavez crowd retreated to the Ellis Hotel.

Now Col. Dudley ordered Chavez off the field of battle, or he would have his men fire on them.

The Chavez family owned a large ranch, and its younger members had been engaged in the American trade for some years.Ed.

He sold one little flock back to Chavez over a dozen times, an' had stolen it from him in th' beginnin'.





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