abbreviation for

  1. Chemical Engineer



/ tʃiː /

acronym for

  1. Crown Health Enterprise: an agency supervising health expenditure in a district

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Example Sentences

Was Che anything more than a cheap karaoke of what he stood for?

The last of the cigars was handed out and the Che lookalike was paid and went back in search of other tourists.

There was a handy distraction in the Che t-shirt the tourist was wearing while celebrating the death.

This penchant for medical internationalism goes back to the greatest icon of the revolution, Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

More low hanging fruit: the $37 Russ-as-Che-Guevara t-shirts available on his website.

Perisca innanzi la città, say I, che tante opere rie si sostengano.

Carver asked presently, as the resident carefully filed them in the same drawer in which he had placed Tsang Che's statement.

The words have been taken down from a young Chippewa warrior of lake Superior, of the name of Che che-gwy-ung.

E chi ne assicura, che il Boccaccio non fosse nato nella sua villa di Corbignano quivi poco distante?

"Quelle parole pi paura d' inganno che speranza di futuro frutto mi porsero," he tells us in the Filocolo, ed.


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