cheat sheet

[ cheet sheet ]


, Informal.
  1. a sheet of paper or a digital document containing information used by a student for cheating on an exam or in the classroom:

    She had a cheat sheet for the history test with a list of the correct answers.

  2. a document containing notes or other aids used as a reference in studying or remembering certain information:

    I used a cheat sheet with statistics and bar graphs to prepare for my radio interview.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cheat sheet1

First recorded in 1935–40

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Example Sentences

With time you’ll need the cheat sheet less and less, but if you ever forget something, know that it’s there to help you out and make your tweeting more productive.

Our fantasy cheat sheet should offer everything you need to feel prepared entering your draft.

In part my motivation was professional: The Daily Beast had asked me to extract the pulpiest bits and file a quick cheat sheet.

Having him there was like having a cheat sheet to an exam.

Avoid embarrassing yourself with Tim Tebow comments and questions about what ‘Redskins’ really means with our cheat sheet.

Take a deep breath and keep this cheat sheet of talking point strategies handy.

As the NBA season tips off, Sujay Kumar presents a cheat sheet for those who know nothing about basketball.





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