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[ chek-in ]


  1. the act or fact of checking in.

check in


  1. intr to record one's arrival, as at a hotel or for work; sign in or report
  2. tr to register the arrival of (passengers, etc)


    1. the formal registration of arrival, as at an airport or a hotel
    2. ( as modifier )

      check-in time

  1. the place where one registers arrival at an airport, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of check-in1

First recorded in 1915–20; noun use of verb phrase check in

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Example Sentences

Change the location from a hotel lobby to an airport check-in desk and this crazy scenario becomes all too familiar.

After presenting false passports at the check-in counter, they were soon on their way to Rome.

When I asked the people at the check-in desks for other options to get to New York today, I got a sad clown face.

The check-in line for our flight was short, and the terminal seemed strangely empty.

Most airlines open their online check-in systems 24 hours in advance of wheels-up.

The buildings turned out to be a few single-story administrative shacks clustered around a check-in point.

And this is a check-in card, did you call it a check-in card?

An American businessman next to her at the check-in counter saw her puzzling over it.

Check-in was a lot simpler than at a coffin-hotel or a Hilton: just a brief discussion of the available rooms and a quick tour.

I only found the checkout, I didn't ever see the check-in—I think I did see it one time.


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