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[ ched-er ]


  1. Often Cheddar. Also called cheddar cheese. a hard, smooth-textured cheese, made usually from the whole milk of cows and varying in color from white to deep yellow and in flavor from mild to sharp as it ages.
  2. Slang. money:

    The monthly grand prize is $200, and the yearly grand prize is $1,000—that's a lot of cheddar.


/ ˈtʃɛdə /


  1. sometimes not capital any of several types of smooth hard yellow or whitish cheese
  2. a village in SW England, in N Somerset: situated near Cheddar Gorge , a pass through the Mendip Hills renowned for its stalactitic caverns and rare limestone flora. Pop: 4796 (2001)

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Other Words From

  • ched·dar·y adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cheddar1

First recorded in 1655–65; named after Cheddar, village in Somersetshire, England, where the cheese was first made

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Example Sentences

Bacon or no bacon, these cheddar biscuits with eggs and sauteed spinach are a glorious way to take a page from Tracy’s weekly plan and make breakfast for dinner.

Ah — you stop to reflect — thank goddess that cheddar weather has finally arrived.

From Eater

I also failed to find any pictures of the chicken and cheddar Hot Pockets online, so I was forced to guess at its appearance.

I seemed to be pulled there by gravity, compelled to buy a cheddar biscuit sandwich with fig jam, letting my eyes run over the carefully displayed boxes of artisanal pastas and homemade masks.

From Quartz

I prefer a solid hunk of cheddar cheese paired with Wasa Multi-Grain crispbread.

Once inside, he removes a cup of broccoli-cheddar soup from his bag and goes to heat it up.

In March, U.S. cheddar prices hit record highs when a surge in exports to China reduced domestic supplies.

(3) A grilled cheese by Cecilia Fabulich, with aged cheddar and white bread.

Maybe a bowl of tortilla soup to go with your steak, or some bacon-cheddar potato wedges to start?

Among the worst offenders is the takeout favorite, broccoli cheddar.

The big ocean liners lashed to port and starboard cut us off from air as well as light and one of them is loaded with Cheddar.

From Cheddar, Hannah More was led to examine into the condition of neighboring places.

It is deep yellow or red in color, similar in flavor to Cheddar cheese, and is used in much the same manner.

Pineapple cheese, while of American origin, is really very much like English Cheddar cheese, except that it is harder.

Sour milk may make good pot-cheese to which we do not object, but it will not make good American cheddar cheese.





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