cheese cutter

  1. a board with a wire attached for cutting cheese
  2. nautical a keel that may be drawn up into the boat when not in use
  3. a nautical peaked cap worn without a badge
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Examples from the Web for cheese cutter

Historical Examples of cheese cutter

  • He tried to stuff me up by making me bring a cheese-cutter cap.

    Tom, Dick and Harry

    Talbot Baines Reed

  • "Never mind, boys," cried the sergeant in the cheese-cutter.

    Denis Dent

    Ernest W. Hornung

  • The woman's voice came through the envelope of Margerine's sub-consciousness, steely clear as a cheese-cutter.

  • Here he pulled his cheese-cutter cap down with a jerk, so that the bleary eyes were no longer visible.

    The Flying Bo'sun

    Arthur Mason

  • As this melancholy figure wended its way among the palms, I could make out the pea jacket and cheese-cutter cap of Captain Kane.

    The Flying Bo'sun

    Arthur Mason