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[ sher; English shair ]


, French.
  1. dear; beloved: used in referring to or addressing a man or boy.



[ shair; French sher ]


  1. a river in central France, flowing NW to the Loire River. 220 miles (355 km) long.
  2. a department in central France. 2,820 sq. mi. (7,305 sq. km). : Bourges.
  3. a female given name.


/ ʃɛr /


  1. a department of central France, in E Centre region. Capital: Bourges. Pop: 312 277 (2003 est). Area: 7304 sq km (2849 sq miles)
  2. a river in central France, rising in the Massif Central and flowing northwest to the Loire. Length: 354 km (220 miles)

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Example Sentences

With the Lion Awards, Cher said her organization was trying to strike more of a positive note after several months of holding tough conversations about race and violence.

It’s amazing how quickly he can change from Marilyn Monroe and become Cher with just a new gown and new wig that he has stashed in the closet at the side of the stage.

This is a movie about Cher and the world’s loneliest elephant.

It is an unlikely new star vehicle for Cher, the queen of reinvention and longevity, and one that suits her well.

It is a “song for the lonely,” as Cher quite literally sings as the odyssey unfolds.

Like if your all out, totally crazy grandma somehow got access to a Twitter account, and also happened to be Cher.

Honestly, when I posted the video I was not thinking, so maybe I was like Cher!

Cher is still indubitably Cher, and Mariah Carey lives as she sings: big and brightly.

More importantly, Cher Horowitz taught us the importance of reinvention.

Cher Horowitz, Seth Cohen, Regina George, and more offer advice on how to survive the new year.

Born at Sancerre, Cher, about the end of the eighteenth century.

"Doing the right thing, mon cher," remarked Monpavon, appearing suddenly at his side.

He occupied several prefectures, among others that of Loir-et-Cher, where he was stationed in 1834.

The first pictures of cher-rubs and cupids was sculptured upon thim walls and pillars.

And your cher-rubs was billy-goats in the days of King Solomon, but the painters misconstrued the horns into wings.





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