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cherry pie


  1. any of several plants having flowers with an odor suggestive of cherries, as the heliotrope.



  1. a widely planted garden heliotrope, Heliotropium peruvianum

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cherry pie1

First recorded in 1825–35

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Example Sentences

Rose Levy Beranbaum is practically giddy when I reach her by phone to talk about cherry pie.

Dark Cocoa Cherry was inspired by a chocolate cherry pie Sarah grew up eating.

From Fortune

Produce that’s out of season costs us a little more at our local grocery store, and it’s probably flown or shipped in from thousands of miles away, but hey—sometimes you just want to make a cherry pie from scratch in the middle of winter.

In October 2010, the archbishop was hit with a cherry pie during a service at a Brussels cathedral.

The pleasure from doughnuts, cherry pie, and “damn fine” coffee sat hauntingly beside the continual threat of violence.

I want Mis' Calvert to taste it, an' when she does she'll say she never knew before what cherry pie could be!

Mis' Spencer, you set that cherry pie o' yourn on this particular spot an' figure of this table-cloth!

If only I had a piece of cherry pie now, or an ice cream cone, or a bit of bread and butter and jam I would be all right.

"Indeed it will," agreed Uncle Wiggily, and he wished he was hungry then and there, because he just loved cherry pie.

"Cherry pie," murmured Mr. Thorne, who was apparently eating his breakfast in a sort of waking dream.


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