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[ chuh-roo-bik ]


  1. of or having the nature of a cherub, or an angel represented as a rosy-cheeked child with wings; angelic.
  2. having a plump, pretty innocence:

    a cherubic face and a dazzling smile.

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Other Words From

  • che·rubi·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cherubic1

First recorded in 1620–1630; cherub + -ic

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Example Sentences

Conservative columnist George Will calls him a “cherubic 40-year-old…a human beam of sunshine.”

The new copy-reader here mentioned was C.C. Foss, a cherubic little fellow who was also a Methodist preacher.

She was a cooing and cherubic mini-avatar called Anima, which players earned after reaching a certain level in the game Prius.

In other moments, she appears angelic, as candlelight dances on her cherubic cheeks.

The guard greeted him, but suppressed a smile as the cherubic little man flashed his official pass.

Beardsley savored the thought tastily, and let it trickle away, and the look of glee on his cherubic face was gone.

His face was round and freckled, almost cherubic, under a shock of sandy hair, but there were merry little devils in his eyes.

"I said that you did," answered Jessie, with an affectation of cherubic simplicity.

The moral is: when your husband is in Mesopotamia and the time comes to sell the pony, lock your cherubic son in the nursery.