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[ker-oo-bee-nee; Italian ke-roo-bee-nee]
  1. Ma·ri·a Lu·i·gi Car·lo Ze·no·bio Sal·va·to·re [mah-ree-ah loo-ee-jee kahr-law dze-naw-byaw sahl-vah-taw-re] /mɑˈri ɑ luˈi dʒi ˈkɑr lɔ dzɛˈnɔ byɔ ˌsɑl vɑˈtɔ rɛ/, 1760–1842, Italian composer, especially of opera; in France after 1788.
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Historical Examples

  • The slight he had received from Cherubini aroused popular sympathy for him.

    The Standard Oratorios

    George P. Upton

  • In 1825 his father took him to Paris to consult Cherubini, as to his future.

  • Neither would he confer upon Cherubini the honor refused by Mehnl.

    The Empress Josephine

    Louise Muhlbach

  • A French translation of this letter was sent to Cherubini, but he returned no answer.

    Life of Beethoven

    Anton Schindler

  • He was received with great kindness by every one, but especially by Cherubini.

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  1. (Maria) Luigi (Carlo Zenobio Salvatore) (luˈiːdʒi). 1760–1842, Italian composer, noted particularly for his church music and his operas.
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