[ ches-uh-peek ]


  1. (italics) a U.S. frigate boarded in 1807 by the British, who removed part of its crew and impressed some members into British service: captured by the British in naval battle near Boston in 1813.
  2. a city in SE Virginia.

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Example Sentences

There are multiple smaller outbreaks in Henrico and Chesterfield counties outside Richmond, and Hampton and Chesapeake in the Hampton Roads region.

It will serve Chesapeake-based dishes, with crab cakes as the star.

Check out the clear path of Elsa’s core, following its rains which slipped along and then east of the Chesapeake.

Joel Dunn, who leads the Chesapeake Conservancy and co-chairs the public lands advocacy group Partners for Open Space, welcomed the investment in the new state budget.

It’s easy enough to visualize what happened when you study a map of the Chesapeake watershed.

Through the power of monopoly and sharply cutting royalty payments, Chesapeake Energy is now sitting on mountains of money.

In essence, Chesapeake would get a rebate on the fees it had guaranteed to Access.

Moyer said he saw a dramatic difference between what Chesapeake usually charged compared to other energy companies in the area.

By structuring itself this way, Chesapeake earned a slice of profit from each step.

Different contracts may entitle Chesapeake to charge varying amounts.

Biard (Relation of 1616) seems to apply this name to the region of Chesapeake Bay.

The tidal rivers mentioned previously are actually estuaries of Chesapeake Bay and they flow periodically inland.

Smith carefully drew a map of the entire area and called it a "Map of the Chesapeake."

Three Americans were killed, seventeen others wounded and four deserters were surprisingly found aboard the "Chesapeake."

The Chesapeake had no crew, but he set himself to work, and in two weeks he filled her up with such men as he could find.





Ches.Chesapeake and Delaware Canal