[ shev-ruh-teyn, -tin ]
/ ˈʃɛv rəˌteɪn, -tɪn /


any very small, deerlike ruminant of the family Tragulidae, of Africa, tropical Asia, the Malay Peninsula, etc.

Origin of chevrotain

< French, apparently Buffon's alteration of chevrotin roe deer under the age of six months, equivalent to Middle French chevrot kid (chevre goat (see chevon) + -ot diminutive suffix) + -in -ine1
Also called mouse deer. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for chevrotain

/ (ˈʃɛvrəˌteɪn, -tɪn) /


any small timid ruminant artiodactyl mammal of the genera Tragulus and Hyemoschus, of S and SE Asia: family Tragulidae. They resemble rodents, and the males have long tusklike upper caninesAlso called: mouse deer

Word Origin for chevrotain

C18: from French, from Old French chevrot kid, from chèvre goat, from Latin capra, feminine of caper goat
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