[ shi-kah-goh-uhn, -kaw- ]


  1. a native or inhabitant of Chicago, Ill.

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Example Sentences

He found camaraderie with West as a fellow Chicagoan and creative in New York during the early aughts, and he eventually co-wrote and performed alongside West on the College Dropout track “Never Let Me Down.”

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The filmmaker, a fellow Chicagoan, met West—who recently changed his legal name to Ye—at a South Side barbershop in 1995.

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In 2016, Veronica Wolski, then a 59-year-old Chicagoan, first drew public attention when she waved Bernie Sanders signs from a pedestrian bridge over a highway.

It once was a flourishing community center that displayed a vibrant 1972 mural called “All of Mankind” by William Walker, a Chicagoan known as the father of the urban art movement.

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People from Wisconsin also call themselves Badgers, an homage to the University of Wisconsin’s mascot, and depending on where you are in Illinois, you’re also a Chicagoan.

Directed by fellow Chicagoan Steve James ( Hoop Dreams), Life Itself is a worthy tribute to the most popular film critic ever.

The freckled Marine officer and native Chicagoan replied, “I think a lot of Americans would agree with you.”

Chicagoan Bill Smith discovered Chen three years ago when she was scavenging for survival in Phnom Penh's toxic garbage dumps.

That's where Chicagoan Bill Smith found her three years ago.

And the spirit of the Chicagoan—who ended his days in that part of Southern California now known as Tarzana—is mighty yet.

There was a strange mingling of childishness and womanliness in this little Chicagoan to which Amy could not accustom herself.

Without an instant's hesitation, only compressing his lips firmly together, the Chicagoan presses the red-hot iron upon his arm.

So, without much apparent trouble, he leads the young Chicagoan along.

A native servant brings him a note, and it can be set down as positive that the young Chicagoan eagerly breaks the seal.

When Martine's plans were finally settled, Priscilla was delighted that she and the young Chicagoan were to be at the same school.





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