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[ shi-key-nuh-ree, chi- ]


, plural chi·can·er·ies.
  1. trickery or deception by quibbling or sophistry:

    He resorted to the worst flattery and chicanery to win the job.

    Synonyms: knavery, deception, fraud

  2. a quibble or subterfuge used to trick, deceive, or evade.

    Synonyms: evasion


/ ʃɪˈkeɪnərɪ /


  1. verbal deception or trickery, esp in legal quibbling; dishonest or sharp practice
  2. a trick, deception, or quibble

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chicanery1

From the French word chicanerie, dating back to 1605–15. See chicane, -ery

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Example Sentences

Yet even non-competitive cyclists persist in resorting to all manner of chicanery in order to keep their bikes kickstand-free.

There are centuries of chicanery to draw upon, after all, and some tried-and-true techniques that simply need to be upgraded for the modern era.

In the process, it turns a quirky true-life tale of corporate chicanery into an eye-opening examination of the way our beliefs about gender shape the public narrative.

In 2018, digital ad buyers lost $19 billion in fraud from bot traffic and other chicanery.

From Ozy

The country has a long history of such chicanery—including an incident in 2007 that predates even Egypt’s seminal service disruption.

From Fortune

An indictment of the sort of financial chicanery that eventually fueled the crash of 2008.

Fans of today adore the cheaters of the past, precisely because of their chicanery.

And the truth is that even if there's a little chicanery going on, the current compensation scheme is working brilliantly.

In 1500 the palace was the shrine of an artistic nobility; to-day it is a temple of chicanery.

The time will come, however, when old Virginia will stand trifling and chicanery no longer.

This substitution of chicanery in place of devastation takes place only in an uncertain degree.

To be defeated by rascality, by a clever turn of chicanery, never disturbed him—that was legitimate.

A goodly portion of my life has been spent in battling with superstition, credulity and chicanery in every form.


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