1. a combining form meaning “lip,” used in the formation of compound words:



  1. variant of kilo-:


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Word History and Origins

Origin of chilo-1

Combining form of Greek cheîlos lip

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Example Sentences

The sage Chilo asked Esop what God was doing, and he answered that he was “depressing the proud and exalting the humble.”

It seems to be more 152probable that Chilo had his own reasons for not choosing that his friend should return to Rome.

Lad, a brand-new knife is thine if thou'lt win for me those sandals of Chilo's!

In the course of a conversation, being asked by Chilo (one of the wise men of Greece), 'What is the employment of the gods?'

But what wouldst thou say, Chilo, were I to advise thee to buy not a male but a female slave?


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Words That Use chilo-

What does chilo- mean?

Chilo- is a combining form used like a prefix principally meaning “lip.” It is often used in medical and scientific terms.

This use of chilo- comes from the Greek cheîlos, meaning “lip.”

What are variants of chilo-?

When combined with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, chilo- becomes chil-, as in chilalgia. The forms cheilo-, as in cheilotomy, and cheil-, as in cheilitis, are variants of chilo-.

Examples of chilo-

Chilotomy, meaning “an incision into the lip,” is one example of a medical term that features the combining form chilo-.

As we know, chilo- means “lip.” The second part of the word, -tomy, means “cutting, incision.” Chilotomy literally translates to “lip cutting.”

What are some words that use the combining form chilo- to mean “lip”?

What are some other forms that chilo- may be commonly confused with?

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