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[ chin-uhp ]


  1. an act or instance of chinning a horizontal bar, rod, or the like.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chin-up1

First recorded in 1880–85

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Example Sentences

Nevertheless, the raven-haired beauty managed to keep her chin up and win one for Detroit.

He would have laughed it off, told her “Chin up, Sausage,” or made some politically incorrect comment about the BBC.

But when they pass a U.S. Marine recruiting booth, Weston steps forward to try his luck on the chin-up bar.

We silently urged the raven-haired beauty to keep her chin up and win one for Detroit.

He even challenged a Los Angeles Times reporter nearly half his age to a chin-up contest.

Th' hero sthruts through histhry with his chin up in th' air, his scipter in his hand an' his crown on his head.

Then again anger swept his mind clean of reason, and he threw his chin up and gripped the gun tight.

He seemed to be riding through life for a fall, and rode with his chin up, gay and debonnaire.

With the left frame line split into two parts from the level of the chin up, n1.

He saluted everybody, and departed with chin up and shoulders squared, a picture of offended dignity.