[ shing-kuh-teeg, ching- ]


  1. a town on a small island in a lagoon Chincoteague Bay in E Virginia: annual wild pony roundup.

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Example Sentences

We were all already looking forward to coming back to Chincoteague for more idyllic calm — and another spin around the bay with Captain Barry.

Driving onto Chincoteague, Maddox Boulevard unfurls across the island’s midsection.

When most people think of Chincoteague, they think of its fabled mares and stallions galloping through its marshy, wild lands and grazing along its shoreline.

This loft over a former groggery is no place for you: the news will spread from Chincoteague to Arlington.

The moonlight scarcely fretted the soft expanse of Chincoteague Bay.

The bay of Chincoteague is five or six miles wide, and the nearest hamlet is in Virginia, as is Chincoteague island also.

Wrecks came ashore on the submerged shoal of Chincoteague, but there were now no wreckers to labor for salvage.

If they wanted money for public enterprise on the mainland, the Jew of Chincoteague was first to be thought of.





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