[ sheen-wah-zuh-ree, -wah-zuh-ree; French shee-nwazuh-ree ]
/ ʃinˌwɑ zəˈri, -ˈwɑ zə ri; French ʃi nwazəˈri /

noun, plural chi·noi·se·ries [sheen-wah-zuh-reez, -wah-zuh-reez; French shee-nwazuh-ree] /ʃinˌwɑ zəˈriz, -ˈwɑ zə riz; French ʃi nwazəˈri/ for 2. (sometimes initial capital letter)

a style of ornamentation current chiefly in the 18th century in Europe, characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese.
an object decorated in this style or an example of this style: The clock was an interesting chinoiserie.

Origin of chinoiserie

1880–85; < French, equivalent to chinois Chinese + -erie -ery Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ʃiːnˌwɑːzəˈriː, -ˈwɑːzərɪ) /


a style of decorative or fine art based on imitations of Chinese motifs
an object or objects in this style

Word Origin for chinoiserie

French, from chinois Chinese; see -ery
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