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[kee-tuh-roh-ney; Italian kee-tahr-raw-ne]
noun, plural chi·tar·ro·ni [kee-tuh-roh-nee] /ˌki təˈroʊ ni/.
  1. an early musical stringed instrument of the lute family with a long neck and two pegboxes, one above the other.
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Origin of chitarrone

1730–40; < Italian, augmentative of chitarra < Greek kithára lyre
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Historical Examples

  • Monteverde employed still another variety of the lute in his orchestra, called the Chitarrone, whence our word guitar.

    A Popular History of the Art of Music

    W. S. B. Mathews

  • The orchestra consisted of one lira doppia, one clavicembalo, one chitarrone and two flutes.

  • The chitarrone was formerly called Roman theorbo, because it was principally used at Rome.

  • The chitarrone was used in the orchestra, assisting at dramatic performances as well as in church music.

  • A chitarrone, with marquetry and three ornamented sound-holes; made by M. Bueckenberg, in Rome, anno 1614.

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noun plural -ni (-nɪ)
  1. a large lute with a double neck in common use during the baroque period, esp in Italy
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Word Origin

Italian, from chitarra, from Greek kithara lyre
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