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or chock-a-block

[ chok-uh-blok ]


  1. extremely full; crowded; jammed:

    a room chockablock with furniture and plants.

  2. Nautical. having the blocks drawn close together, as when the tackle is hauled to the utmost.


  1. in a crowded manner:

    books piled chockablock on the narrow shelf.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chockablock1

First recorded in 1790–1800; chock (in the sense wedge) + -a- connnecting vowel that is probably a reduced form of and + block (in the sense solid mass of wood)

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Example Sentences

This segment of our show proves that political ads are just straight up confusing, often self-contradictory, chockablock with sophomoric photoshop, yet still thriving despite the fact that everyone says they throw them out immediately.

I will miss them particularly this second year of not decamping to a chockablock pub to raise a pint.

Very little, let’s hope, now that a year chockablock with ugly surprises—a list starting with the coronavirus pandemic—passes behind us.

From Quartz

After all, the Republican convention was chockablock with McCain doppelgangers.

Quickly the enemy submarine maneuvered closer until the two craft 135 were almost chockablock.


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More About Chockablock

What does chockablock mean?

Chockablock describes something, such as a space, that is filled to the utmost or extremely crowded.

Chockablock can describe anything that is literally filled to capacity, such as a room or a container, as in All the bins in the store were chockablock with sale items. 

Frequently, it is used to describe a space filled with people, as in The museum’s special exhibit of mummies was chockablock with people.

Chockablock can also be used figuratively to mean filled throughout, as in You’ll always find a place to eat because this neighborhood is chockablock with restaurants.

Chockablock also means in a crowded manner, as in After the concert let out, the subway trains were filled chockablock with concertgoers.

In nautical terms, chockablock means having the blocks drawn close together. In this situation, a block is a case that contains pulleys. On large ships, multiple blocks will often be used in tandem to create a pulley system known as a block and tackle, which is used to lift heavy weights or to open large sails with the use of a single rope or mechanism. When these blocks are pulled together so that they are touching while holding their full load, they are described as being chockablock.

Example: This place is chockablock with people. I think we should go somewhere else.

Where does chockablock come from?

The first records of the term chockablock come from around the 1790s. It combines the term chock, meaning “a wedge or block of wood,” -a-, which connects the two terms, and block, meaning “a solid mass of wood.” 

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What are some other forms related to chockablock?

  • chock-a-block (alternative spelling)
  • chocker (noun)

What are some synonyms for chockablock?

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How is chockablock used in real life?

Chockablock is almost always used informally to talk about something being overly full.


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Which of the following is NOT a synonym for chockablock?

A. packed
B. empty
C. full
D. brimming

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