[chaw-kuh-lit, chok-uh-, chawk-lit, chok-]
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  1. a preparation of the seeds of cacao, roasted, husked, and ground, often sweetened and flavored, as with vanilla.
  2. a beverage made by dissolving such a preparation in milk or water, served hot or cold: a cup of hot chocolate.
  3. candy made from such a preparation.
  4. an individual piece of this candy.
  5. any syrup or flavoring made from this preparation or artificially imitating its flavor.
  6. a dark brown color.
  1. made, flavored, or covered with chocolate: chocolate cake; chocolate ice cream.
  2. having the color of chocolate; dark-brown.

Origin of chocolate

1595–1605; < Spanish < Nahuatl chocolātl
Related formschoc·o·lat·y, choc·o·lat·ey, adjective
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Historical Examples of chocolate

  • The third chocolate attendant, in reply, merely lifted his shoulders.

    The Underdog

    F. Hopkinson Smith

  • If you find the chocolate cream too thin, add more maccaroons.

  • She sighed, tucked a chocolate into her cheek, and went scowling to the table.

    Good Indian

    B. M. Bower

  • She picked up a packet of the chocolate and looked at the name of the maker.

    My Double Life

    Sarah Bernhardt

  • On a table near my bed was a small tray on which were a cup of chocolate and a cake.

    My Double Life

    Sarah Bernhardt

British Dictionary definitions for chocolate


  1. a food preparation made from roasted ground cacao seeds, usually sweetened and flavoured
  2. a drink or sweetmeat made from this
    1. a moderate to deep brown colour
    2. (as adjective)a chocolate carpet
Derived Formschocolaty, adjective

Word Origin for chocolate

C17: from Spanish, from Aztec xocolatl, from xococ sour, bitter + atl water
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Word Origin and History for chocolate

c.1600, from Nahuatl xocolatl, possibly from xocolia "to make bitter" + atl "water." Brought to Spain by 1520, from thence to the rest of Europe. Originally a drink; as a paste or cake made of ground, roasted, sweetened cacao seeds, 1640s.

To a Coffee-house, to drink jocolatte, very good [Pepys, "Diary," Nov. 24, 1664].

As a color from 1776. Chocolate chip is from 1940; chocolatier is attested from 1888.

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