chocolate milk


  1. milk flavored with chocolate syrup or powdered chocolate.

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Example Sentences

She recommends basic protein-dense foods—poultry, meats, fish, dairy, and legumes—in place of powders, and inexpensive snacks like chocolate milk or a bowl of cereal in place of bars and shakes marketed as recovery aids.

It was one to two feet, breaking in shin-deep water that looked like chocolate milk.

During one week they drank three glasses each day of almond-based chocolate milk.

Add chocolate milk, vodka, whiskey, ice in blender and blend.

Indeed, the cupholders of every occupant in the row in front of me actually had chocolate milk in them.

Meanwhile the kids switched to chocolate milk, which had roughly the same calorie content but fewer nutrients.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the soft sobs of Mitt Romney and his consultants, crying in their chocolate milk.

A very typical school meal is chicken nuggets, tater tots, canned fruit cocktail, and chocolate milk.

Skeeter ate three cream puffs and two ice cream cones after the show and washed them down with a couple of chocolate milk shakes.

His companions were munching wafers and drinking chocolate milk.





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