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[ choh-king ]


  1. (of the voice) husky and strained, especially because of emotion.
  2. causing the feeling of being choked:

    a choking cloud of smoke.

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  • choking·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of choking1

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Example Sentences

I just couldn’t live anymore with the frustrations and emotional choking of trying to hide my private life—I couldn’t have a satisfactory private life.

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To prevent choking, the researchers attached lanyards to the nonedible models.

Once the researchers attached lanyards to the nonedible models to prevent choking, the team tested how well 281 college students and 31 grade schoolers could tell edible or nonedible models apart while blindfolded.

Unfortunately the doctor accidentally applied too much and soon Ruth was in agony and choking.

From Time

She jumps on his back, mock-choking him and covering his eyes.

We see a system that will indict a 20-year-old for selling crack but not a police officer for choking the life out of a citizen.

Another video that went viral showed Blanc choking women in Tokyo.

“Raising the Turkish flag was very healing for me, and I think a little for Turkey as well,” says Hayes, choking up a bit.

Parkes managed to gasp through the choking, “Is there something wrong with the money?”

The noise of his slumbers culminated in a sudden, choking grunt, and abruptly ceased.

No doubt, even in these choking circumstances, childish feeling may now and again peep out.

And no sooner had she guessed it than, with a choking sob, she told herself that what madame could do that could she also.

He was choking down a sob when he caught sight of some women with packs upon their backs.

But Lasseroe was out of control now and he was choking the life out of Daisy Hennifer.


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