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[ chomp ]

verb (used with or without object)


/ tʃɒmp /


  1. to chew (food) noisily; champ


  1. the act or sound of chewing in this manner
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Word History and Origins

Origin of chomp1

variant of champ 1
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Example Sentences

It’s a great example of a product-led company seeing strong organic growth from a global user base and we’re chomping at the bit to start working together.

They’re chomping at the bit to have a parent, teacher, or someone that they trust to talk this through with.

From Fortune

Boxes are tailored to the size of the dog, and they’ve got a slightly pricier “Super Chewer” box with ultra-durable picks for dogs that chomp right through anything you put in front of them.

Key masterSkilled practitioners can seemingly chomp off part of the Geraint Clarke Key Bite, then spit it back into place thanks to an elastic band that connects both halves.

They chomp, chew, shred, and slice it into smaller pieces, which in one way or another puts food on the plates of smaller soil dwellers all the way down the line to the tiniest creatures on Earth—the microbes.

The President continued to chomp on his sandwich, and now I was sweating.

The gorillas and chimps perhaps then chomp the half eaten fruit and become ill with a devastating human-like disease.

Do Republicans want to chomp stogies with El Rushbo or remain a force in American politics?

Vell, dey not all chomp togesser every day same peoples, but ven de barze all full den forrrty tousand chomp in same time.

In de Barze of Diocletian four tousand peoples all could chomp in de water same time.


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