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chopping block


  1. a thick, often large block of wood on which meat, vegetables, etc., are placed for cutting, trimming, chopping, and the like.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chopping block1

First recorded in 1695–1705
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Example Sentences

They’re the same projects that have been on the chopping block since Ikhrata came to SANDAG in 2018, and began promising a new system built around hundreds of miles of fast, frequent trains.

“At least in the city of San Diego, the first services on the chopping block whenever there’s even a hint of a budget crisis are library hours, rec center hours and parks programs,” he said.

Still, Michigan will lose a seat, and because Wayne County has shrunk over the past decade, there’s a good chance a seat in the Detroit area will be on the chopping block.

The $15 minimum wage increase is now on the chopping block after the Senate parliamentarian ruled it fell outside the bill’s budgetary confines.

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The Sun was not bound for the hedge-fund chopping block like several other papers owned by Tribune Publishing.

And how do fraternity members feel about their organizations being on the chopping block?

Also, programs designed to help low-income families are always the first on the chopping block when state revenues go down.

But this year, amid severe budget cuts in Washington; it once again went to the chopping block.

“As soon as a financial crisis or economic downturn happens, often mental health is back on the chopping block,” Gruttadaro says.

California has been offered up for the chopping block over 200 times.

Looking about, he saw an ax sticking in a chopping-block, and a pile of wood near it, probably the fuel used by these people.

Guess we can do that, all right, Frank, he exclaimed; and theres your ax over by the chopping block.

He inspected it deliberately, and then sat weakly down on the chopping block near by.

Hiram noticed how he picked certain kinds of wood from the abundant supply over at the chopping block.

There, with a sigh as though his heart were breaking, the old man seated himself on the chopping block.





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