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/ tʃɒps /

plural noun

  1. the jaws or cheeks; jowls
  2. the mouth
  3. slang.
    1. music embouchure
    2. jazz skill
  4. lick one's chops informal.
    to anticipate with pleasure

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chops1

C16: of uncertain origin

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Idioms and Phrases

see break one's ass (chops) ; lick one's chops .

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Example Sentences

Her chops landed her several TV gigs, including a recurring role as an NBC page on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

One, from a short preview of her rehearsal performance, is that Williams certainly boasts the vocal chops to do the part justice.

Do you see yourself setting a standard for classical chops in jazz?

The co-owner of Metropolis Collectables, Vincent has Wolverine mutton chops, a Tony Stark goatee, and Lex Luthor swagger.

Maybe then Napa and Sonoma could get the chops to design an appellation regime of integrity.

Do not gastronomists complain of heaviness in London after eating a couple of mutton-chops?

Riprisintatives iv th' Chicago packers insisted that in time canary bur-rds cud be taught to eat pork chops.

I'll see him to-night, most like, and I'll be sure to mention the chuckens and the chops.

I can't promise mutton-chops, but there will be beans and bacon.

"In court" responded Cyril absently gazing at the mutton chops.


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