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[ chawr, chohr ]


  1. a small or odd job; routine task.

    Synonyms: stint, errand, work, duty

  2. chores, the everyday work around a house or farm.
  3. a hard or unpleasant task:

    Solving the problem was quite a chore.



combining form

  1. (in botany) indicating a plant distributed by a certain means




/ tʃɔː /


  1. a small routine task, esp a domestic one
  2. an unpleasant task

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Derived Forms

  • -chorous, combining_form:in_adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chore1

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English char, Old English cyrr, variant of cierr, cerr. See char 3

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chore1

from Greek khōrein to move

Origin of chore2

C19: variant of Middle English chare; related to char ³

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Synonym Study

See task.

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Example Sentences

The I-cook-you-clean rule is about fair distribution of chores.

The quotidian cycle of pandemic living had become overwhelming — and not just in an ugh, chores way.

We were constantly fighting over chores, meals, pickups and drop-offs, teacher's conferences and the like.

How I learned to stop worrying and love ice cream for dinnerA common joke is that the chore of pandemic cooking has reduced us to eating piles of slop.

From Eater

Nowadays, Calvario spends most of his days doing household chores, tending to his little sister while his mother and stepfather are at work or running errands.

Make the chore a lot more fun with a super cute toothbrush holder.

Instead of a chore, choose something you love so you absolutely look forward to it.

That there was a way to tell the story and not have been leaden—not be a chore or an ordeal.

The act of keeping faith is a demanding chore, one that quarrels with the instinct to despair rather than continue the struggle.

But for it to double its user base from the current level will be quite a chore, and may take several years.

Things were not so bad until the pigs grew up, but now I dread feeding them more than any chore on the place.

For me it was quite a chore to cut and carry up wood enough to keep our somewhat open upper room cosey and comfortable.

When the collection reached ten thousand words and upward, it began to be quite a chore to make a new copy.

Then I do put the hairpins in, to make them look like a water-wheel that the chore boy does build in the brook.

The chore boy does have objects to my drawing pictures on his poker-chips that he does hide in the barn.


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