[ chuh-ree-zoh; Spanish chaw-ree-saw, -thaw ]
/ tʃəˈri zoʊ; Spanish tʃɔˈri sɔ, -θɔ /

noun, plural cho·ri·zos [chuh-ree-zohz; Spanish chaw-ree-saws, -thaws] /tʃəˈri zoʊz; Spanish tʃɔˈri sɔs, -θɔs/. Spanish Cookery.

a pork sausage spiced with garlic, peppers, and juniper berries and smoked and dried.
Also choriso.

Origin of chorizo

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/ (tʃɔːˈriːzəʊ) /

noun plural -zos

a kind of highly seasoned pork sausage of Spain or Mexico

Word Origin for chorizo

C19: Spanish
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