[ kres-tom-uh-thee ]
/ krɛsˈtɒm ə θi /
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noun, plural chres·tom·a·thies.
a collection of selected literary passages, often by one author and especially from a foreign language.
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Origin of chrestomathy

1825–35; <New Latin chrestomathia<Greek chrēstomátheia, equivalent to chrēstó(s) useful (chrēs-, stem of chrêsthai to use + -tos verbal adjective suffix) + math- (variant stem of manthánein to learn) + -eia-y3

OTHER WORDS FROM chrestomathy

chres·to·math·ic [kres-tuh-math-ik], /ˌkrɛs təˈmæθ ɪk/, adjective
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How to use chrestomathy in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for chrestomathy

/ (krɛsˈtɒməθɪ) /

noun plural -thies
rare a collection of literary passages, used in the study of language

Derived forms of chrestomathy

chrestomathic (ˌkrɛstəʊˈmæθɪk), adjective

Word Origin for chrestomathy

C19: from Greek khrēstomatheia, from khrēstos useful + mathein to learn
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