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noun, plural Chris·ties. (sometimes lowercase) Skiing.
  1. Christie.
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Origin of Christy1

by shortening


  1. Edwin P.,1815–62, U.S. minstrel-show performer and producer.
  2. Howard Chan·dler [chand-ler, chahnd-] /ˈtʃænd lər, ˈtʃɑnd-/, 1873–1952, U.S. illustrator and painter.
  3. a male given name, form of Christopher.
  4. a female given name, form of Christine.
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or Chris·ty

noun (sometimes lowercase) Skiing.
  1. any of several skiing turns executed in order to change direction on a downhill run or for decreasing speed or stopping, especially a turn in which the body is swung around with the skis kept parallel.
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Origin of Christie2

1915–20; by shortening; see -ie
Also called Christiania.


[math-yoo-suh n]
  1. ChristopherChristy, 1880–1925, U.S. baseball player.
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noun plural -ties (sometimes not capital)
  1. skiing a turn in which the body is swung sharply round with the skis parallel, originating in Norway and used for stopping, slowing down, or changing direction quickly
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Word Origin

C20: shortened from Christiania


  1. Dame Agatha (Mary Clarissa). 1890–1976, British author of detective stories, many featuring Hercule Poirot, and several plays, including The Mousetrap (1952)
  2. John (Reginald Halliday). 1898–1953, British murderer. His trial influenced legislation regarding the death penalty after he was found guilty of a murder for which Timothy Evans had been hanged
  3. Linford (ˈlɪnfəd). born 1960, British athlete: Commonwealth (1990), Olympic (1992), World (1993), and European (1994) 100 metres gold medallist
  4. William (Lincoln). born 1944, French harpsichord player, organist, and conductor, born in the US; founder (1979) and director of the early-music group Les Arts Florissants
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