chronic disease

  1. A disease of long duration. ( Compare acute disease .)

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Example Sentences

I am also personally invested in helping to support programs to reduce chronic disease around the world.

In fact, 860 million people worldwide have at least one chronic disease.

This would be different for someone with a chronic disease.

In the U.S., she said, chronic disease accounts for 75 percent of health care costs.

Still, Sebelius warned that in 2030, chronic disease deaths are projected to rise to 52 million people throughout the world.

I am even ready to admit that for persons affected with certain forms of chronic disease, and for all children, milk is excellent.

The acceptance of this principle would make insurrection the chronic disease of our political system.

It was clear to me at a glance that he was in the grip of some deadly and chronic disease.

Chronic disease will be looked upon as the only lasting disgrace.

It was confirmed; it had become a chronic disease, as irremediable as the rheumatism, and a thousand times more distressing.





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