[ kahyl ]
/ kaɪl /


a milky fluid containing emulsified fat and other products of digestion, formed from the chyme in the small intestine and conveyed by the lacteals and the thoracic duct to the veins.

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Origin of chyle

1535–45; < Late Latin chȳlus < Greek chȳlós juice, akin to cheîn to pour, Latin fundere to pour (see fuse2), English gut

Related formschy·lous, adjectivepseu·do·chy·lous, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for chyle


/ (kaɪl) /


a milky fluid composed of lymph and emulsified fat globules, formed in the small intestine during digestion
Derived Formschylaceous (kaɪˈleɪʃəs) or chylous, adjective

Word Origin for chyle

C17: from Late Latin chӯlus, from Greek khulos juice pressed from a plant; related to Greek khein to pour

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Word Origin and History for chyle



1540s, from Late Latin chylus, from Greek khylos "juice" (of plants, animals, etc.), from stem of khein "to pour, gush forth," from PIE *ghus-mo-, from root *gheu- "to pour, pour a libation" (see found (v.2)). Cf. also chyme.

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Medicine definitions for chyle


[ kīl ]


A turbid, white or pale yellow fluid taken up by the lacteals from the intestine during digestion and carried by the lymphatic system via the thoracic duct into the circulation.
Related formschy•laceous (kī-lāshəs) null adj.

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