[ sis-uh-roh-nee-uhn ]

  1. of or relating to Cicero or his writings:the Ciceronian orations.

  2. in the style of Cicero: characterized by melodious language, clarity, and forcefulness of presentation: Ciceronian invective.

  1. a person who is an expert on or specializes in the study of the works of Cicero.

  2. a person who admires or imitates the style of Cicero.

Origin of Ciceronian

First recorded in 1660–70; from Latin Cicerōniānus, equivalent to Cicerōn- (stem of Cicerō ) Cicero + -iānus -ian

Other words from Ciceronian

  • pseu·do-Cic·e·ro·ni·an, adjective, noun

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How to use Ciceronian in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Ciceronian


/ (ˌsɪsəˈrəʊnɪən) /

  1. of or resembling Cicero or his rhetorical style; eloquent

  2. (of literary style) characterized by the use of antithesis and long periods

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