[ sin-der ]
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  1. a partially or mostly burned piece of coal, wood, etc.

  2. cinders,

    • any residue of combustion; ashes.

    • Geology. coarse scoriae erupted by volcanoes.

  1. a live, flameless coal; ember.

  2. Metallurgy.

verb (used with object)
  1. to spread cinders on: The highway department salted and cindered the icy roads.

  2. Archaic. to reduce to cinders.

verb (used without object)
  1. to spread cinders on a surface, as a road or sidewalk: My neighbor began cindering as soon as the first snowflake fell.

Origin of cinder

before 900; Middle English synder,Old English sinder slag; cognate with German Sinter,Old Norse sindr; c- (for s-) <French cendre ashes

Other words from cinder

  • cin·der·y, cin·der·ous, adjective
  • cin·der·like, adjective

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How to use cinder in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for cinder


/ (ˈsɪndə) /

  1. a piece of incombustible material left after the combustion of coal, coke, etc; clinker

  2. a piece of charred material that burns without flames; ember

  1. Also called: sinter any solid waste from smelting or refining

  2. (plural) fragments of volcanic lava; scoriae

  1. (tr) rare to burn to cinders

Origin of cinder

Old English sinder; related to Old Norse sindr, Old High German sintar, Old Slavonic sedra stalactite

Derived forms of cinder

  • cindery, adjective

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see burned to a cinder.

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