or cin·é

[ sin-ee, sin-ey ]
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  1. a film; movie.

  2. a movie theater: I was surprised to run into Charlie at the cine—I thought he didn't like art films.

Origin of cine

First recorded in 1895–1900; short for cinema

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  1. a combining form meaning “motion picture,” used in the formation of compound words: cineradiograph.

Origin of cine-

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How to use cine in a sentence

  • The Portuguese frigate cine captured by the Algerines, after a smart action.

  • Pis′ciform, in shape like a fish: having the form of a fish; Pis′cine, pertaining to fishes; Pisciv′orous, feeding on fishes.

  • But I recollect finding him cine day studying a high wall (of the old Oratory Church, since pulled down).

    Shandygaff | Christopher Morley
  • Ef I could be there, de chile should hab a sweat, sure; but dis med'cine'll hev to answer!

    Culm Rock | Glance Gaylord
  • Dis bottle's de med'cine, an' de chile is to hab a teaspoonful ebery half an hour.

    Culm Rock | Glance Gaylord

British Dictionary definitions for cine-


combining form
  1. indicating motion picture or cinema: cine camera; cinephotography

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