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[ sur-kyuh-lar-i-tee ]


  1. the state or quality of being in the shape or form of a circle:

    Circularity is the measurement of the roundness of the individual coins.

    Her tasseled yellow hijab accentuated the almost complete circularity of her face.

  2. the state or quality of moving or occurring in a cycle:

    Detritus ecosystems flourish and collapse because they lack the sustaining circularity of other kinds of ecosystems.

    The circularity of history provides instruction, correction, and guidance.

  3. (of reasoning or logic) the quality of having a conclusion that has been assumed as a premise:

    Despite the apparent circularity, the implication that "public goods should be public" seems like a natural one.

    Circularity is the hallmark of this chain of reasoning, which appears to conflate the process of creating the rule with the process of justifying it.

  4. the practice of encouraging reuse, recycling, or sustainability in consumption, manufacturing, etc.:

    For the coming year, we intend to focus on sustainability and on closing the loop and bringing circularity into our purchasing and consuming behavior.

    Several new technologies are enabling infrastructure to be designed with greater circularity.

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Other Words From

  • sub·cir·cu·lar·i·ty noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of circularity1

First recorded in 1530–40; from Latin circulāritas , equivalent to circular ( def ) + -ity ( def )
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Example Sentences

Build your own “circular economy” in your community and your home.

That marks a striking difference from the neat, circular orbits of the planets in our solar system.

Transfer it to your parchment paper, and form it into a circular loaf.

A short film titled “Of Noble Deeds” fills a nearly circular screen with an action-packed illustration of the seven values of American soldiers — including “personal courage” and “selfless service.”

Application icons, formerly circular, display as rounded squares.

From Fortune

Fans will argue that Mad Men's circularity is one of its greatest strengths.

Moreover that the circularity of this shadow is maintained from first to last so far as we are able to follow it.

But the circularity of this argument will appear on revising the question and asking, "Why do women's products sell so cheap?"

The very essential and fundamental quality of a Roman letter lies in the squareness or circularity of its skeleton form.

But what does the circle express except circularity, or the oval except the nature of the ellipse?

A hut is constructed with loose stones, ranged for the most part with some tendency to circularity.


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