[ sur-kuhm-stans or, especially British, -stuhns ]
/ 藞s蓽r k蓹m藢st忙ns or, especially British, -st蓹ns /
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verb (used with object), cir路cum路stanced, cir路cum路stanc路ing.
to place in particular circumstances or relations: The company was favorably circumstanced by the rise in tariffs.
  1. to furnish with details.
  2. to control or guide by circumstances.
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Idioms about circumstance

    under no circumstances, regardless of events or conditions; never: Under no circumstances should you see them again.
    under the circumstances, because of the conditions; as the case stands: Under the circumstances, there is little hope for an early settlement.Also in the circumstances.

Origin of circumstance

First recorded in 1175鈥1225; Middle English, from Latin circumstantia (circumstant-, stem of circumst膩ns, present participle of circumst膩re 鈥渢o stand round鈥), equivalent to circum- circum- + st膩- stand + -nt present participle suffix + -ia noun suffix; see -ance
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How to use circumstance in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for circumstance

/ (藞s蓽藧k蓹mst蓹ns) /

verb (tr)
to place in a particular condition or situation
obsolete to give in detail

Word Origin for circumstance

C13: from Old French circonstance, from Latin circumstantia, from circumst膩re to stand around, from circum- + st膩re to stand
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see extenuating circumstances; under the circumstances.

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