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city hall


, (often initial capital letters)
  1. the administration building of a city government.
  2. a city administration or government.
  3. Informal. a bureaucracy or bureaucratic rules and regulations, especially that of a city government:

    You can't fight city hall.

city hall


  1. the building housing the administrative offices of a city or municipal government
    1. municipal government
    2. the officials of a municipality collectively
  2. informal.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of city hall1

An Americanism dating back to 1665–75
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Example Sentences

Throughout the 20th century, many city halls abused their borrowing power, taking on debt they could never hope to repay for projects that were never even built.

From Time

Zane, the younger one, started doing his own regular, Greta Thunberg-style climate strikes in front of city hall.

On Saturday, a dozen off-duty ski patrollers from Stevens Pass ski resort stood outside city hall in downtown Leavenworth, Washington, the Bavarian-themed tourist town 40 minutes from the mountain.

Some 30 players gathered outside city hall Friday evening to appeal for the chance to play.

Meanwhile, government buildings and city halls remain closed or limited in their ability to address the growing needs of citizens applying for unemployment, signing up for social services, or simply renewing a driver’s license.

From Fortune

There's blood on many hands tonight…That blood on the hands starts at City Hall in the Office of the Mayor.

At 10 past 5, a middle-aged white man climbed the stairs out of the City Hall subway.

Mallory, Skolnik, and Simmons were all in attendance Wednesday for the City Hall press conference.

Snow fell lightly Wednesday as a League member standing in front of City Hall read the demands.

Justice League NYC met with the state attorney general and held a press conference yesterday at City Hall.

The mayor offered the court the use of one of the council chambers at the city hall, and the offer was accepted.

Both young lieutenants, however, looked decidedly cheerful as they left the city hall.

I passed the Jefe myself on the City Hall steps, and heard him b-r-r-ring like a dynamo.

There was no city hall worthy of the name of this little city which held its head so high.

The City Hall was closed upon other occasions, unless the village talent gave a play for some local benefit.


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