city plan


  1. the developmental plan for a city or town arrived at through the process of city planning.

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Example Sentences

The decision to extend the existing permits by six months follows pushback by the companies that deploy electric scooters and bikes against a city plan to limit the number of providers.

The ones that have been good for the city plan for the future.

The city plans, for example, to start recycling much of its wastewater, which will eventually drastically reduce its need for imported water.

This is also where some of the grandest smart city plans live, from the UAE’s Masdar to India’s Amaravati and China’s Tianjin Eco-City, districts with dreams of going fully green with self-driving electric cars and zero-emission buildings.

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They worked for four years and then submitted, in the year 1811, what they called the City Plan.

In 1831 the streets were cut through and the village thereafter grew up on the projected lines of the City Plan.

The first was in 1830, when the street was open on the lines of the City Plan.





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