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civil liberties

  1. In general, the rights to freedom of thought, expression, and action, and the protection of these rights from government interference or restriction. Civil liberties are the hallmark of liberal, democratic “free” societies. In the United States, the Bill of Rights guarantees a variety of civil liberties, most notably freedom of assembly , freedom of the press , freedom of religion , and freedom of speech , expressed in the First Amendment (see also First Amendment ). ( See civil rights .)

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Example Sentences

The scheme has been condemned by civil liberties groups and queried by the National Association of Head Teachers.

Alas, neocons, civil liberties at home matter more than those abroad!

It had been a year during which I had lectured at many colleges--mostly on education and civil liberties.

It ended as a morality play about the failure to protect civil liberties…[and] the complete negation of the evidence of abuse.

Civil liberties give them the right to express themselves in ways that bring emotional and physical harm to minority groups.

Chicano rights, rights for disabled people, the whole tradition of civil liberties was created or strengthened by these people.

The ignorant, light-hearted Canadian peasant knew nothing and cared nothing about popular rights and civil liberties.

Now, you received a letter from the local chapter of the Civil Liberties union in Russian, did you not?

Friends of the colored man insisted that his civil liberties would not be safe unless he was granted the right to vote.

I know right after that, the Civil Liberties Union got into it.





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