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[siv-i-tas; Latin kee-wi-tahs]
noun, plural civ·i·ta·tes [siv-i-tey-teez; Latin kee-wi-tah-teys] /ˌsɪv ɪˈteɪ tiz; Latin ˌki wɪˈtɑ teɪs/.
  1. the body of citizens who constitute a state, especially a city-state, commonwealth, or the like.
  2. citizenship, especially as imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and sense of community.
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Origin of civitas

< Latin cīvitās. See city
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Historical Examples

  • The country was divided into about ninety states (civitates).

    The Mediaeval Mind (Volume I of II)

    Henry Osborn Taylor