or cla·fou·ti

[ klah-foo-tee ]

noun,plural cla·fou·tis [klah-foo-tee]. /ˌklɑ fuˈti/.
  1. a tart made of fruit, especially cherries, baked in a thick, sweet batter.

Origin of clafoutis

First recorded in 1925-30; from French dialect (central) clafoutis, clafouti ; further origin uncertain; perhaps a blend of dialectal clafir, claufir “to cover, fill, scatter, strew or decorate with ornaments,” from Old French “to nail, fix with nails,” from Latin clāvō figere “to fasten with a nail” (equivalent to clāvō, ablative singular of clāvus + figere ) and foutis, noun use of foutis, simple past of foutre “to have intercourse (with)”; see fouter

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How to use clafoutis in a sentence

  • Traditionally, French clafoutis is a cake of un-pitted sour cherries baked into a pancake-like batter.

    What to Eat | | July 7, 2009 | THE DAILY BEAST