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clamp down


  1. to behave repressively; attempt to repress something regarded as undesirable


  1. a sudden restrictive measure

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Example Sentences

Researchers were aware that the DEA was going to fairly quickly clamp down on MDMA.

It's critical that suppliers do all they can to clamp down on electricity theft.

But in 1983, the Communist Party launched a Campaign against Spiritual Pollution, to clamp down on experimental art.

Hamas has in the past worked to clamp down on factions firing projectiles, like Islamic Jihad and others.

They were waiting for something to go wrong so they could clamp down on him.

He tied his apron carefully and sidled toward the table to oversee the situation and clamp down a lid if necessary.

Those on the right and left clamp down to hold the film, while the narrower one in the center clamps down on the cemented edge.

The old hands squeezed suddenly, and Hanson felt a vise clamp down around his throat.

Mikah relaxed and Jason removed his hand slightly, ready to clamp down if the other's voice rose above a whisper.

Run the clamp down to the pile, place a card or fiber template on top of the pile in front of the clamp.