[ klaw-dee-uh ]


  1. a female given name: from a Roman family name meaning “lame.”

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Example Sentences

More, this is a film that has the courage to hang its climax on “Paciencia y Fe,” a ballad about history, responsibility, and ambition performed by Abuela Claudia.

Claudia has been a research assistant at the National Archives and Records Administration.

On May 6, gunmen grabbed a woman they apparently believed to be Claudia as she left the Extreme Fitness Gym in Culiacan.

That relationship ended with a car accident in which Angulo was killed and Claudia Ochoa Felix was injured.

When the story of the mixup reached the Mexican media, so did allegations that Claudia had become the new head of Los Antrax.

They lived like this for six days, until one day, the agents told Claudia and her two children they could go.

Journey from El Salvador to a holding cell For Claudia and her family, the cold holding cells were a shock.

They looked at me, not quite understanding; then I caught sight of Claudia, who was standing close to us.

I felt mightily pleased with myself, and I wondered where my good friend Claudia was; I must go and pay her my respects.

Claudia was at once seized upon by one of her admirers, and, leaving her husband, sauntered off on the proffered arm.

If anything had taken place in the house he must know it; and she, Claudia, said the whole town knew it.

Here another box was opened, when, to the great vexation of my dear Claudia, her journal was found.