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[klou-zee-uh s]
  1. Ru·dolf Jul·ius E·man·u·el [roo-dolf jool-yuh s i-man-yoo-uh l; German roo-dawlf yoo-lee-oo s ey-mah-noo-el] /ˈru dɒlf ˈdʒul yəs ɪˈmæn yu əl; German ˈru dɔlf ˈyu liˌʊs eɪˈmɑ nuˌɛl/, 1822–88, German mathematical physicist: pioneer in the field of thermodynamics.
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Historical Examples

  • This paper, though subsequent to that of Clausius, is very different in character.

    Lord Kelvin

    Andrew Gray

  • If the process is not reversible, then expression , which Clausius calls entropy, increases.

  • Besides, Clausius and Helmholtz are neither English physicists nor likely to be influenced by theological conceptions.


    Robert Flint

  • Carnot, Clausius, Thomson, and Rankine have all from different points of view been led to the same conclusion.

    The Theistic Conception of the World

    B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) Cocker

  • The difference in conductivity between pure water and sulphuric acid is such a fact, mentioned by Clausius.

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  1. Rudolf Julius (ˈruːdɔlf ˈjuːliʊs). 1822–88, German physicist and mathematician. He enunciated the second law of thermodynamics (1850) and developed the kinetic theory of gases
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