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  1. one of the largest of the craters on the moon, about 230 kilometres (145 miles) in diameter, whose walls have peaks up to 5700 metres (19 000 feet) above the floor. It lies in the SE quadrant
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Historical Examples

  • I would rather err with Scaliger than be right with Clavius.

    A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)

    Augustus De Morgan

  • Before Oughtred the use of parentheses had been suggested by Clavius and Girard.

    William Oughtred

    Florian Cajori

  • This whole passage in the "Monumenta," was written by the celebrated Clavius.

    The Jesuits, 1534-1921

    Thomas J. Campbell

  • Clavius is one of the most impressive of all the lunar formations.

    Astronomy with an Opera-glass

    Garrett Putman Serviss

  • Clavius's great contemporary, Tycho-Brahe, the distinguished Danish astronomer, found no reason to reject it.

    The Popes and Science

    James J. Walsh