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[ kleen-kuht ]


  1. having distinct, regular shape:

    a face with clean-cut features.

  2. clearly outlined.
  3. neat and wholesome:

    a polite, clean-cut young man.

  4. unambiguously clear; unmistakable; clear-cut:

    The case against him is a clean-cut one.



  1. clearly outlined; neat

    clean-cut lines of a ship

  2. definite

    a clean-cut decision in boxing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of clean-cut1

First recorded in 1835–45

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Example Sentences

He seems fleshless, bloodless; he might almost be a black man's parody of how a clean-cut white man moves.

But there is a middle way from clean-cut hunkdom to looking like a militia leader who might boil a hitchhiker alive.

There was a smattering of clean-cut sensation seekers and a few actual Hindus as well.

He was clean cut, disciplined and a seemingly happily married father of a beautiful young baby girl.

Declining to be named for this article, they say the abduction and rescue of the TV crew “wasn't as clean cut as stated.”

They were fine, clean-cut, likable boys, who had come through the war with colors flying.

He was a clean-cut man, five-eleven in his stockings, and few men in all that country had a handsomer body.

His clean-cut face was quite pallid; the suppressed anger in his eyes was perhaps more difficult to meet than open fury.

I could see the clean-cut features of the latter, and his gestures, strongly but not flamboyantly made.

The hard heads that, at the beginning of a career, lay clean-cut plans of ambition are in an infinitesimal minority.


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