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clean up


  1. to rid (something) of dirt, filth, or other impurities
  2. to make (someone or something) orderly or presentable
  3. tr to rid (a place) of undesirable people or conditions

    the campaign against vice had cleaned up the city

  4. informal.
    intr to make a great profit


    1. the process of cleaning up or eliminating something
    2. ( as modifier )

      a cleanup campaign

  1. informal.
    a great profit

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Example Sentences

She gave the aged patients laxatives so other nurses would have to clean up.

It's so big that after every period, BP pays for the clean-up.

He reneged on promises to clean up the state, shutting down a commission that was supposed to investigate Albany corruption.

Soon another doctor hired him to clean up his office, too, meaning an additional $2.50 a week.

At the end of the evening, the hostess departed at the same time as her guests, leaving the caterers to clean up the mess.

Besides, Mr. Hofer is one of that small millionaire group that is trying to clean up San Francisco municipally.

"If we clean up on the Dangerfield gang, it will be you as helped more'n anybody else," dropped in a third.

Disappointed, I went back to my farm, and resolved to clean up the path through the pines, to surprise her.

"It might tickle him to go to the senate, particularly if he had a score to clean up in connection with it," remarked Ware.

It appears that what the sheep do not eat in the way of burrs they gather in their wool, and in that way clean up the farm.