[adjective klen-lee; adverb kleen-lee]

adjective, clean·li·er, clean·li·est.

personally neat; careful to keep or make clean: The cat is by nature a cleanly animal.
habitually kept clean.
Obsolete. cleansing; making clean.


in a clean manner.

Origin of cleanly

before 900; Middle English clenlich(e), Old English clǣnlīc, equivalent to clǣne clean + -līc -ly
Related formsclean·li·ness [klen-lee-nis] /ˈklɛn li nɪs/, noun
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clean, spotless, tidy

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adverb (ˈkliːnlɪ)

in a fair manner
easily or smoothlythe screw went into the wood cleanly

adjective (ˈklɛnlɪ) -lier or -liest

habitually clean or neat
Derived Formscleanlily (ˈklɛnlɪlɪ), adverbcleanliness (ˈklɛnlɪnɪs), noun
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Word Origin and History for cleanly

Old English clænlic "morally pure, innocent," from clæne (see clean (adj.)). Of persons, "habitually clean," from c.1500.


Old English clænlice; see clean (adj.) + -ly (2).

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