clear out

verb (adverb)

(intr) informal to go away: often used imperatively
(tr) to remove and sort the contents of (a room, container, etc)
(tr) slang to leave (someone) with no money
(tr) slang to exhaust (stocks, goods, etc) completely
(tr) to get rid of (employees, players, etc, that are no longer required)

noun clear-out

the act or an instance of clearing out



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Idioms and Phrases with clear out

clear out


Also, clear away or off. Remove the contents, take something or someone away, as in I'll clear out this closet so you can use it, or Let me clear away these things, or Please clear off the table. The first phrase dates from the mid-1600s, the second from the mid-1700s, and the third from the early 1700s. Sometimes away and out are omitted, as in Let me clear these things, or Please clear the table. Also see clean up, def. 1.


Depart suddenly or run away, as in We cleared out before our landlord could stop us. [Early 1800s]


Drive or force out, as in The police cleared out the restaurant in no time. [Mid-1800s]

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