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clear out


  1. informal.
    intr to go away: often used imperatively
  2. tr to remove and sort the contents of (a room, container, etc)
  3. slang.
    tr to leave (someone) with no money
  4. slang.
    tr to exhaust (stocks, goods, etc) completely
  5. tr to get rid of (employees, players, etc, that are no longer required)


  1. the act or an instance of clearing out
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Example Sentences

They left angry and hurt, and when they were gone, Hitchcock came back supposedly to clear out his personal effects.

If you want to clear out toxins and boost your overall health, there are smarter and safer ways to do it.

Foreigners and any young people dressed in alternative-looking clothing made sure to clear out of the streets before they arrived.

One of the first things Israel did was clear out an area in front of the Western Wall where people could pray.

Rick is forced to strike a deal with the men and help clear out a cell block for them in exchange for half their food.

These men saw the Turks clear out of Krithia taking machine guns with them.

Beastly nuisance; we shall all have to clear out, for I suppose it won't be a mere matter of scratches.

Keeps 'em both to his place, if they want to stay; an' don't hinder 'em none when they clear out.

Why should not young Hermiston escape clear out of the country?

They would clear out without waiting to part their hair, and I could take my own time about dating the explosion.


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